It’s gonna be a good year (if I move out)

There are many things I would like to change sometime in the future but for the bigger part I feel great where I am now. The grass is always greener I guess… 

It’s been a year since I came back to Denmark. (Four more to go and I am legally safe. biggrin) It has been the best and the most eventful year of my life, which makes me believe that this one is gonna be even better.


In 2017 I’ve managed to quit my studies, get a driving licence, get a stable job, get into a school with better opportunities than the last one, write and record a song with other people and make so many good friends that I am really greatful for I cannot even believe. I really can’t complain.


I’d love for so many good things to happen to me again but… Last year was all about the change and the push I needed to open my eyes and realise that I am responsible for my own life. This year is a little bit different. I need to focus on self improvement and figuring out the person I want to be. In other words I need to grow the hell up.


Living in Denmark, Copenhagen specifically, makes it both, so much easier as much as soooooo much harder. Everyone of my friends here (and I am not exaggerating), I mean literally every single one of my friends moved out of their family homes by now. I am the only one still coming home to the same place where my parents live. It would not be a problem if:

1. I could get along with my mom.

2. We lived in the city.

3. For different reasons I could be allowed to be myself.

4. I have not tasted the “living by myself” comforts before.


The easier part of the situation mentioned above is the motivation I get from my friends’ experience and examples.


The harder one is – the money.


I can’t seem to find the right place or person to rent that place with and I am way to poor for an apartment for myself only. It would not be such a problem in Poland!


I will find it this year. I feel it in my bones. I just have to keep looking.


Other areas of my life are moving forward too. I don’t want to reveal too much because it is all a mistery to me still. I just have a good feeling and I know that I am stronger than I was a year ago. thumbsup

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