“Foolish Child”

Are you an only child or the youngest in your family? Have you ever compared your parents to the ones of your friends’? Keep reading and let me know if I am crazy to have these thoughts…

Wear Me Out – Skylar Grey


This song. Besides it being an incredibly good musical composition (I bow down to Skylar’s genius) it is a very accurate representation of my experience with my parents.

Good parents want the best for their children but what they don’t realize is that sometimes it is not enough, because usually they don’t know what it is.

I love my parents but there is this gap that nothing seems to fill it. There are many factors involved including the huge age difference between me and my parents AND my siblings. I am the youngest of all of them and I am not a part of their previous life – it is a simple matter of fact. They grew up a long time before I was trying to take my first steps. There are no guilty parties, it’s just life. But somehow it always makes me (feel at least) like an outsider.

Nonetheless I do not feel like their child completely. There is a part of me that thinks of them like my legal guardians more than like my parents. It also fine because I love them like my parents because they are them, but they were parents once and with me they became something more. I was their second chance to correct whatever mistakes they have made with my older siblings. Aaaaaand so they are careful. So careful. Protective. Overprotective.

Now that I have had the chance to live outside of their shadow for a bit I understand this relationship a bit better. I still don’t understand it fully but I think I am going to stop trying and just let things be the way they are.

I believe it’s the only way to keep a healthy relationship. Just find a way to keep your blood pressure in check and your good to go.

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